CMC.International is a consulting company focused on the following areas: Campaign Strategy, Organizational Development and Growth, and Overseas Expansion (East Africa region).

In early 2020, CMC.International began assisting in strategic campaigning for a variety of congressional campaigns in the state of California.

For Development and Growth, CMC.International partners with non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, philanthropies, foundations, industry associations, higher education institutions and government agencies on consulting projects that are specially tailored to the organizations needs. 

CMC.International also assists a variety of entities seeking to enter and operate in the East Africa region by way of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Campaign Strategy

CMC.International provides policy recommendation, campaign strategy planning, and organizes online meetings with candidates, constituents and professionals to discuss strategies for success.

CMC.International can lead efforts in finding staff and volunteers for critical functions of your campaign including phone banking, canvassing, event organization and social media advertising.

CMC.International is also available to operate and run successful social media campaigns and create digital assets to enhance candidate’s virtual outreach.

Fundraising Strategies

CMC.International has the strategies necessary to raise capital for your organization through grant and proposal writing, fundraising initiation and service diversification techniques.

CMC.International provides fundraising capacity building and fundraising guidance in arrangements specially tailored to your organizations operating model.

Intellectual Property Development

If your organization is seeking to increase its intellectual output, develop an industry or sector niche, or create the resources operating model necessary for services provided, CMC.International is prepared to support your organization develop a wide variety of Intellectual Property.

Strategic Partnerships

CMC.International can assist your organization find the most suitable short and long term Strategic Partnerships for operational partnerships, collaboration, and funding partnerships.

Entry into Ethiopia

In addition to serving clientele in California, CMC.International specializes in consulting services for entities seeking to enter Ethiopia or to improve existing operations in the country. CMC.International is prepared to consult you and your organization if seeking assistance in the following areas:

Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Local Subject Matter Experts, Logistical Planning, Professional Network Development, Local Partnerships, Budget Development, Cross Culture Adaptation